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Oakdale K-12

Tasked with serving all grades, K-12, for both breakfast and lunch with a very high participation rate, Oakdale K-12 needed better space, better food presentation, and an overall makeover. Duke was proud to be part of the extreme makeover.


The Oakdale K-12 renovation was a huge success, and Duke Expressions Counter is creating more excitement over fresh produce and vegetables as well as hot and cold food presentations. They have even used this exclusive holding technology as a center stage for community events where food visualization was a key component.

Equipment Includes:

  • Mirrored T-Design with Double-Sided Custom Cashier Station with room for 2 P-O-S terminals
  • Duke Exclusive Hot Frost Hot and Cold Combination Merchandising
  • Angled Tray Slides
  • Fill Faucets and Easy-Access Controls and Utilities


  • Dramatically increased throughput and speed of service
  • Enhanced Visualization of Food for Breakfast and Lunch Programs
  • Provides upscale event venue for community


Well Appliances
Recessed Top
Hot Holding Cabinets
Flush Stone
Dual Tier Merchandiser
Well Appliances
Production Systems
Heritage Mobile Unit
EconoMate Mobile Unit
Easy Cart Mobile Unit
Food Guards
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