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Serving counters are an integral part of any foodservice operation. They are the critical intersection between your patrons’ guest experience and the challenging work to prepare a delicious meal for the masses. Well designed and aesthetically pleasing serving counters can elevate the visual appeal of your food while also enhancing the entire atmosphere, driving greater participation and throughput. The use of leading thermal appliances ensures the highest in food quality while limiting costly downtime and disruption.

Our design specialists collaborate with your team to understand the various needs of your project and take a consultative approach to specifying the best serving and holding solutions for your application. We collaborate to understand your current state, future state, and success criteria, then develop a design that exceeds your expectations.



Duke has been a serving counter pioneer for nearly 100 years and is the market leader in design specifications. We have an ISO certified factory and new product innovation center in MO as well as an impressive custom fabrication facility in TX. Our software development center is unlocking new value to operators through simple but powerful interfaces and unprecedented remote visibility/control. We have a strong value proposition for all stakeholders from idea conception through delivery, install and support. No matter what your specific role or need, Duke has the knowledge, expertise, and capability to deliver to both your application and service needs.


Duke offers one of the most comprehensive serving platforms in the market. Our construction standards provide the strength and durability needed for any environment, in either modular or custom framed bodies. Our impressive aesthetic and décor capabilities will help your counters stand out through attractive tops and panels. Duke offers industry leading well appliances, in hot only, cold only and convertible models. Enhance throughput and participation through sleek and innovative sheet pan merchandisers, vertically stacked in hot only, cold only, or convertible models. Duke’s food guards help your food be the star, by providing the necessary protection in a sleek yet subtle fashion. Finally, Duke’s leading edge simple, easy to use touch screen controls provide significant enhancements to your counter lineup and performance. They also provide future compatibility to Duke’s Sous Chef Technology platform, including a mobile app and cloud interface.

Duke’s unique serving capabilities are packaged into three distinct serving lines that cover all your food serving needs across all industries, including educational, B&I and healthcare.

Your serving line project is an opportunity to design a solution that suits your needs today and into the future. Duke offers the right construction materials for the job with both custom and modular serving bodies.

Custom serving counters offer unlimited design flexibility for a continuous, seamless look. By their nature, custom counters offer an endless array of custom elements to ensure your project has unlimited design flexibility with a continuous/seamless look, including curvature, perfect aesthetic symmetry, and enhanced utility distribution systems (UDS).

Modular serving counters offer nearly as much flexibility as custom counters. Duke has designed a variety of standard units that can be configured into an endless number of configurations to give your project that custom feel. Modular units offer easy install in sections, future lineup flexibility and overall cost effectiveness.

Do you have a vision, brand, mascot, or color pallet you’re trying to match with your new serving line project? Duke offers a variety of décor options for all serving lines to help your project come to life. With industry-leading flexibility, Duke’s decor options provide an opportunity to personalize your project. Our tray slides are available in many varied materials, with variations of finish options, from Corian®, stone, and stainless steel, and finishes such as standard slides, or rivets and brushed steel.

  • Custom signage and graphics packages
  • End panels
  • Lighting packages
  • Laminate, tile, stainless steel, or other front options
  • Up to 12 powder coat paint options
  • Stainless steel or other solid surface tray slides

Duke offers a variety of leading well appliances to meet your serving needs – hot only, cold only, and convertible. Most equipment is available in several configurations (built-in, drop-in, slide-in) to fit the serving line you choose. Most well appliances are also available in either a gas or electric to suite the utilities at your facility. Many well products are even available in a slimline configuration to offer even more options for your project.

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Each of these appliances is dynamic unto itself as it offers industry-leading flexibility between different temperatures, day parts, and delivery options. Many food service directors are driving participation with these appliances by providing pre-plated and pre-portioned foods. In addition to being easy to use and restock, these versatile appliances can help reduce the labor burden associated with serving operations.

In addition to offering unmatched versatility and flexibility in food merchandising, these innovative appliances are as attractive as they are functional. Many of them are recessed into your CounterCraft or Thurmaduke counters, giving your serving space an elegant and timeless finish.

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From extremely basic to high-end, and everything in between, Duke has numerous food shields to meet the most stringent food safety requirements. Optional shelf lights and heaters are also available to maximize flexibility, so the equipment adapts to your changing menu.

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From basic self-serve tools to a sleek online configurator, to individual design consultation, Duke has all the tools to make your project design frictionless. Our team of Design Specialists are ready to step you through the discovery process to design your ideal serving system to help improve your ROI and guest experience!

Depending on what your needs are, Duke also offers FASTLANE configurations that ship with expedited speed. We also offered various levels of factory installation and support.

Duke is more than an equipment manufacturer. As the technology around us evolves, it has been our perspective that customers want the same features and benefits built into the equipment they use day to day. Now, SousChef Technology offers more control and visibility than you ever thought was possible. The Sous Chef Controls and mobile app provide enhanced diagnostic and after sale support capabilities.



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