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Duke Manufacturing has been working in the educational, commercial, and institutional sectors for nearly a century. In that time, our team of product specialists and customer care associates have learned from food service directors, operators, design consultants, and customers across these industries about the most important components of commercial holding and serving lines.

To that end, Duke has developed an innovative line of display merchandisers that were designed with versatility in mind. These merchandisers are designed specifically for sheet pans to help make the very most of your menu.

One thing all food service directors have in common is a need for variety and flexibility. When it comes to the menu, they know participants like variety and want new items regularly. Duke’s line of flexible, convertible merchandisers offers so much flexibility, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


Each of these appliances is dynamic unto itself as it offers industry-leading flexibility between different temperatures, day parts, and delivery options. Many food service directors are driving participation with these appliances by providing pre-plated and pre-portioned foods. In addition to being easy to use and restock, these versatile appliances can help reduce the labor burden associated with serving operations.

In addition to offering unmatched versatility and flexibility in food merchandising, these innovative appliances are as attractive as they are functional. Many of them are recessed into your CounterCraft or ThurmaDuke counters, giving your serving space an elegant and timeless finish.

Lastly, Duke’s proprietary touchscreen controls are even easier to use than an old smartphone. Dial up the accuracy and efficiency with new touchscreens that display alerts and messages along with critical equipment data when service is needed. All of this on a bright, easy to use and understand touch screen.

Dual Tier Merchandiser
Flush Stone
Recessed Top


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