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Recessed Top

Recessed Top

The Recessed Top is an innovative and versatile product that offers the flexibility and versatility to serve from a dynamic stone insert, or a sheet pan straight from the kitchen. The optional stone insert of the Recessed Top offers an upscale presentation as well as the flexibility to meet the needs of all your hot/warm items.

The optional stone insert offers a sleek presentation as well as the flexibility to meet the needs of all your hot or cold items. In addition to the versatility enjoyed with our hot and cold only merchandisers, our switchable appliances give you even more flexibility between temperatures with the same ability to switch menu items, temperatures, and delivery mechanism between day parts.

Many of our customers love to use the frost function in the morning for fruit cups, yogurt, or pre-package parfaits for the breakfast crowd before switching to a pre-packaged burger, nachos, or sandwiches for lunch. In keeping with the concept of easy and efficient, these merchandisers are also designed around the most common sheet pan sizes for quick and easy restocking during the busy meal periods.


  • Top Mount with flush mount pans
  • Stainless Steel – formed, welded, and polished to
  • high finish
  • Sealing gasket
  • Drains at each well


  • Standard 12” x 20” steam table pans
  • 2-1/2”, 4” and 6” deep


  • Intuitive, easy to use touch screen control changes mode of operation
  • 3 wet heat, 3 dry heat, 3 refrigerated and 1 freeze mode.
  • 1 control per food well
  • Controls have a built-in Wifi modem and redundant
  • controls capabilities for future activation.
  • Six foot cord supplied between control and touchscreen
  • Complies with part 15 of the FCC rules


  • 5 Year compressor replacement
  • R448a Refrigerant
  • Compressor slides out 15.375” for easy service.


  • Unit can be serviced in counter, no need to remove.
  • Six foot Cord and plug supplied
  • Hot Only . Hot/Frost . Frost Only
  • Basic Mechanical Control
  • Stone Inserts (3 color options)
  • Drain Optional . Duplexed Evaporative System (for stacked overshelf and drop-in)


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