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You can procure food service equipment from any number of sources. But to maximize results and drive profitability, you need a business partner that understands the unique challenges of your operation. Knowing our customers and anticipating their needs has made Duke the preeminent manufacturer of commercial food service equipment in the world. We are culturally driven to be flexible and customer focused. We keep our customers engaged in every step, throughout the procurement or development process, ensuring their satisfaction along the way.

We bring our culture of continuous improvement and lean thinking to our customers through the FlowMetrix process. We collaborate to understand your current state as well as desired future state, providing comprehensive solutions to bridge the gaps. This iterative design and development approach allows us to quickly identify and solve for your most important needs.


Engineering Custom Solutions

Advanced engineering is a key competitive advantage with Duke. Our Lean New Product Development (LNPD) and Agile processes have increased speed to market, minimized costs and exceeded our customers’ expectations. Our strong base of core engineering competencies span fabrication, hot side technology, cold side technology, digital integration, connectivity and automation. Our in-house accredited UL test facility enables us to increase speed to market. Our NPD model shop allows us to rapidly prototype and iterate design concepts. We have extensive technology partnerships to supplement robust in-house Software and Control development capabilities. Integration of digital electronics, including electronic controls, internet and cloud computing-based interfaces and wireless technologies, into equipment designs improves ease of use and food consistency, and reduces downtime and disruption. Our strong commitment to developing customer-focused equipment solutions and our consistent investment in long-development “game changing” technologies, have often led to broad-market equipment solutions.

Commitment To Quality

Duke’s commitment to producing a quality product is unsurpassed and in an effort to consistently raise the bar our quality teams live by the following objectives:
  • Monitor and respond to customer satisfaction while decreasing customer concerns.
  • Develop the skills of all employees and encourage employees to participate in system improvement.
  • Optimize administrative processes.
  • Meet all defined customer requirements in a cost-effective manner reflecting continual performance improvement.
  • Develop, manufacture and market products that are safe for their intended use and efficient in their use of energy.
  • Reduce or eliminate pollution and waste.

Duke is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer. In addition, incorporated into our quality management system is an approved UL Data Acceptance Program for our new product development laboratory with mandated compliance clauses to ISO: 17025. Duke supports our green environment and is an ISO 14001 certified manufacturer.

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