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Dual Tier Merchandiser

Dual Tier Merchandiser

The Dual Tier Merchandiser offers many of the same benefits as the Overshelf with the added ease of being an all-in-one product instead of pairing a recessed top with overshelf. Each level is individually controlled and can operate as either hot or cold.

The Dual Tier is designed to accommodate both full and ½ size sheet pans and has built-in lights and high polished edges.

These unique holding and merchandising solutions increase speed of service and grow grab n’ go sales. They are offered with as many as three serving levels – all designed for standard sheet pans with accommodation for one to three full size sheet pans per tier, three hold pans per tier or special order lengths. The innovative design enables you to control each tier independently and convert a tier from hot to cold or ambient, or unique dual mode.


  • Switch from Hot or Cold display merchandising as your menu dictates.
    Change your serving configuration daily and from breakfast to lunch as your menu dictates.
  • Recessed HotFrost Drop in with HotFrost shelves integrated into the breath guards double food display merchandising per linear foot.
    Change the way food is served and merchandised with pre-plated and pre-portioned foods.
  • The sheet pan format enables fast line re-load and the ability to handle high throughput in a short period of time.


  • Intuitive, easy to learn, easy to use full color touch screen control with pre-programmed temperatures assure consistency and high food quality.
  • Touchscreen shows alerts and messaging when the unit isn’t operating to specification… also easy access to serial #.
  • Built in connectivity to allow future firmware updates, and remote alerts, messaging and control.
  • Four foot cord supplied between control and touchscreen.
  • Complies with part 15 of the FCC rules.

Dual sided option

Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated Conversion Times (Minutes) Ambient to Hot Dry 10-15 Ambient to Hot Wet 45-60 Ambient to Cold 30-40 Ambient to Freeze 45-60 Hot to Cold 40-60 Hot to Freeze 60-80. NOTE: If water is in the unit, it should be drained prior to switching the set point. Pans should be removed to help decrease the length of time it takes for a well to reach the new set point.

Yes, the Duke HotColdFreeze™ provides versatility and flexibility for your operation by allowing you to operate any well in hot, cold, or freeze modes. Mix and match modes in any combination for ultimate menu flexibility. Example:

• Hot, Hot, Cold • Cold, Freeze, Hot • Hot, Cold, Cold • Hot,Cold, Freeze
• Freeze, Hot, Hot • All Hot • All Cold • All Freeze

The combinations are endless.

Always be sure to drain the water before switching a well containing water from one mode to another.

There is no transfer between the wells. Hot says hot, cold stays cold, frozen stays frozen.

Wet heat is notorious for many issues that arise with water in a well, such as rust, clogs in the drain line, and safety concerns for the operator. Dry heat keeps moist foods, moist and delicious without the use of water eliminating common issues and concerns with the use of water.

No, moist products hold just as well with our dry heat technology as they do with wet heat in our wells. Using dry heat eliminates the extra work and safety concerns associated with filling wells with water. Using water does not provide any advantage to the operator.

There is not an autofill option at this time. We will evaluate this as a future feature depending upon demand.

No, the Duke HCF does not have an autofill connection on its own. However, a fill faucet can be added to the counter next to one side of the unit.

Yes. A “no drain, dry heat only option” is available for all DukeHotColdFreeze models. The “no drain, dry heat only option” allows for the use of DukeHotColdFreeze Drop-Ins in water conservation municipalities, where no floor drains and water connections are available and as an option in mobile carts and counters. The no drain, dry heat only option lowers installation costs and simplifies service due to lack of drain manifolds and water connections. This option comes with a removeable non-stick liner.

Revit models available in KCL and AutoQuotes. 2D CAD drawings also being added.


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