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Food holding is the critical link between food preparation, cooking and serving your guests. The benefits of optimized food holding are numerous:

Holding Systems


Food Quality – better food gets guests in the door

  • Delight your guests with food at the proper temperature, texture and flavor profile
  • Precisely control each food product’s environment and eliminate flavor transfer

Consistency – consistently good food gets them back again

  • Confidently serve your guests knowing your food will have the same sensory appeal whether it was just cooked or has been held for an extended period
  • Enhance food safety by ensuring food is maintained at safe temperatures
  • Provide a uniform system-wide brand experience for your guests

Speed – faster service allows more guests to enjoy the quality food

  • Decrease service times by having food readily available
  • Consolidate cooked food into one location for expedited assembly and plating
  • Potentially double throughput with unique pass-through designs

Profitability – facilitates improvement in your bottom line

  • Keep your brand fresh with more product offerings, menu flexibility and seamless introductions of limited time offerings
  • Efficiently deploy labor by cooking in batches instead of individual orders
  • Increase product yields, lower energy use and eliminate water from holding
  • Reduce food waste through extended hold times

Providing a uniform, consistent holding environment requires matching your culinary goals with the ideal technology to meet your sensory specifications. No matter what food product you are holding, the right technology will pay off with satisfied guests and increased profitability. As the leader in product holding, no one offers a more advanced and comprehensive holding category than Duke.


The Duke ReadyFlex™ Hot Holding Cabinet offers outstanding food quality and ultimate flexibility. Operate at ideal holding temperatures across all menu combinations and pan sizes utilizing the intuitive and colorful touch screen controls. Food is always hot, fresh and ready where and when you need it.


Consistent quality. Smart, Safe & Easy. Dry operation, no water needed. Virtually eliminates product scorching. Easier clean ability and sanitation.


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