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Advanced Engineering & Mass Customization

Advanced Engineering & Mass Customization


Duke offers the flexible manufacturing capabilities and advanced engineering you’d expect from a top-of-the-line equipment supplier, as well as that inspired spark of imagination that comes from a business partner that shares your aspirations and understands your business nearly as well as you.

Advanced engineering is a key Duke competitive advantage. Our New Product Development (NPD) process has increased speed to market, minimized costs and exceeded our customers’ expectations. Our strong base of core engineering competencies span fabrication, hot side technology, cold side technology, digital integration, connectivity and automation. Our in-house accredited UL test facility enables us to increase speed to market. Our NPD model shop allows us to rapidly prototype and iterate design concepts. We have extensive technology partnerships to supplement in-house development capabilities. Integration of digital electronics, including electronic controls, internet and cloud computing-based interfaces and wireless technologies, into equipment designs improves ease of use and food consistency, and delivers GOLD STANDARD quality. Our strong commitment to developing customer-focused equipment solutions and our consistent investment in long-development “game changing” technologies, have often led to broad-market equipment solutions.

Our processes, people, and production space are highly regarded and accredited. Our flexible production footprint allows us to quickly expand or flex volumes to support high volume rollout needs. We are vertically integrated to propel and control supply chain responsiveness. Our cultural bias towards insourcing versus outsourcing and our leveraging of global sourcing supply agreements allows us to minimize costs and ensure a consistent supply of materials.



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