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    Duke is an exciting and dynamic place to work, with a wide range of career opportunities.  At Duke, we truely believe that it is our people that make the difference!

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    Foodservice operations are switching to powered sinks to tackle the undesirable task of warewashing.  This, in turn, is leading to increased operational efficiency and an improvement in the bottom line.

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    Duke has built a reputation for developing some of the most unique foodservice equipment solutions on the market today.  Our ability to listen to our customers and deliver has led to the following examples of innovative foodservice solutions.

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    Duke's one-of-a-kind, custom Insignia™ serving solution makes serving your customers easy.  User-friendly controls, utilities and accessories make operating and serving a breeze.  With Insignia™, our team will help you design your perfect concept, and install it for you.

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    Global Leader in Switchable Warming/Cooling Merchandisers

    • Throughput improvements
    • Space Savings
    • Labor Savings
    • Easy to use
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    Innovation + Service

    Duke is committed to ongoing innovation and improvement.  We continue to invest in engineering, research, and development to bring you the highest in quality foodservice equipment and kitchen management solutions.

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Global Foodservice Solutions

Duke Manufacturing is a global food service equipment pioneer that’s been delivering profitable and innovative solutions for the food industry 95 years.

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