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Lakeside Cafe

Newly constructed in the fall of 2013, the Lakeside Cafe is located just outside Army Military Command Headquarters.  The cafe serves hot breakfast and lunch with full-service and self-service stations, and also offers pre-packaged items and a coffee bar.  Prior to the Lakeside Cafe opening, meal choices consisted of only a few grab-n-go options in the AMC building.


Now military personnel can have more menu options and quick service, thanks to the versatility of Duke’s Expressions serving counter system.  The customer is especially pleased with Duke’s X-Clean system used to presoak and wash pans and dishes, calling it “phenomenal.”

Equipment Includes:

  • Expressions Serving System
  • TRI-Channels
  • BG Series Food Guards
  • DRI-Channel
  • Beverage Counter
  • Cashier Station
  • X-Clean Warewashing System in back


  • Design aesthetics
  • Bright lighting
  • Attractive glass and countertops
  • Ease of operation
  • Waterless holding


BG Series Food Guards
800/900 Series Food Guards
500 Series Food Guards
400 Series Food Guards
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