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CounterCraft is Duke’s high-end custom, serving counter line that was created to fill a need expressed by the foodservice industry for innovative, high-end serving counters.

CounterCraft serving counters are completely custom-designed for your specific project which offers industry-leading serving wells, merchandisers, and food guards, ensuring your project is durable, functional and flexible.

Total customization is what you get with Duke’s custom counter series, CounterCraft. Our team of design specialists take a collaborative approach to understanding your ideas or can work from existing specifications and drawings. All CounterCraft projects include a full site survey and installation services. To begin your project, there are three basic counter shapes available: straight line, curved line, or offset line. Framed, angle iron construction allows for an endless array of curves, angels, and unique design elements to give your project a custom feel.

Once the serving line configuration is determined, our serving line specialists collaborate with your culinary experts to select built-in components such as hot food wells, cold pans, etc. or specify your preferred brands and models. CounterCraft offers the broadest range of compatible holding and serving appliances along with custom décor, lighting, and graphics. Finished off with our high quality, dynamic food guards and SousChef, kitchen management system, CounterCraft offers the quality, functionality, and control the industry has been waiting for.

Also ask about the limited warranty that accompanies every CounterCraft project.

CounterCraft custom serving lines use framed angle iron construction that allow you project to the piece to be build to any size or specification. This construction also allows for curved bodies, concealed utility chase, and single point electrical connections. The counter tops are all solid surfaces, which give your project a high-end feel. Our team of design specialists take a collaborative approach to understanding your design ideas to bring your project to life. We can work from existing specifications and drawings or help develop completely unique plan for your project.

Duke offers a variety of well appliances to meet your serving needs. Most equipment is available in several configurations (built-in, drop-in, slide-in) to fit the serving line you choose. Most well appliances are also available in either a gas or electric to suite the utilities at your facility. Many well products are even available in a slimline configuration to offer even more options for your project.

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Each of these appliances is dynamic unto itself as it offers industry-leading flexibility between different temperatures, day parts, and delivery options. Many food service directors are driving participation with these appliances by providing pre-plated and pre-portioned foods. In addition to being easy to use and restock, these versatile appliances can help reduce the labor burden associated with serving operations.

In addition to offering unmatched versatility and flexibility in food merchandising, these innovative appliances are as attractive as they are functional. Many of them are recessed into your CounterCraft or ThurmaDuke counters, giving your serving space an elegant and timeless finish.

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From extremely basic to high-end, and everything in between, Duke has numerous food shields to meet the most stringent food safety requirements. Optional shelf lights and heaters are also available to maximize flexibility, so the equipment adapts to your changing menu. Our tray slides are available in many different materials, with variations of finish options, from Corian®, stone, and stainless steel, and finishes such as standard slides, or rivets and brushed steel.

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