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Convection Ovens

Convection Ovens


The heart of any foodservice operation is its cooking equipment and Duke offers a full range of products that can cook most menu items with greater ease and efficiency. Like our entire product line, our ovens have been proven and perfected in thousands of foodservice industry environments around the world, from fast food and full-service restaurants to school and hospital cafeterias to convenience stores and other on the go environments. We can even help you with your menu development.

Convection Ovens

Duke offers the best, most durable convection ovens in the industry, giving you better cooking performance while using 12.5% less energy than our nearest competitors. What’s more, our ovens offer larger cooking cavities than other brands, with the same exterior size. Duke’s exclusive design features coved corners in the cavities and no seams on the bottom to make cleaning faster and easier. Plus Duke ovens are easier to install, maintain and service than the competition’s. Choose from single and double stacks, in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Cooking Solutions
Premium 613 Series
Economy E Series
Compact 5/9 Series


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