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Recessed Hot Top

Recessed Hot Top

Innovative Design Solutions

The recessed hot top is one of Duke’s newest merchandising appliances that are compatible with sheet pans. Duke’s recessed 18” x 26” pan design locks pans in place or uses optional stone inserts for retail, upscale presentation without the use of sheet pans. The 18’ x 26’ pan format enables fast line re-load and the ability to handle high throughput in a short period of time.

The self-serving of pre-wrapped and pre-portioned foods minimizes labor needs associated with operator served foods. Intuitive, easy to learn, easy to use, full color touch screen control with pre-programmed temperatures assure consistency and high food quality. Touchscreen shows alerts and messaging when the unit isn’t operating to specification.

The #1 benefit of the Recessed Hot Top is an 18”x 26” pan top merchandiser which offers versatility, flexibility and speed of line reload to handle high throughput in short period of time. Change the way food is served and merchandised with pre plated and pre portioned foods.

  • Stone inserts in three different colors for a more upscale, retail look
  • Basic mechanical control knobs
  • Duplexed evaporative system for stacked Overshelf and drop-in products only


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