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The technology behind the Duke HotColdFreeze™ provides both versatility and flexibility for your operation by allowing you to operate any well in Hot, Cold, or Freeze modes. Mix and match modes for ultimate menu flexibility. The HotColdFreeze™ from Duke is equipped to operate in hot dry, hot wet, cold dry, or freeze modes, both hot and cold modes are equipped with 10 presets that allow you to set your frequently used temperatures at the tap of a button.

Equipped with digital screens, the HotColdFreeze™ from Duke controls are simple, intuitive and easy to use. Duke’s dry heat option keeps foods hot while saving time associated with filling and draining multiple wells with water. Typically seen in hot-well designs, the Duke HotColdFreeze’s design features a flush mount for all wells, bringing food theater closer to the customer while not compromising the integrity of the food. The flush mount makes access easy for customers to reach, and quick for staff to refill and clean. It looks good, it‘s easy to clean and it displays the food in the best possible way.  

The Duke HotColdFreeze™ is available in 1 – 5 well configurations and can be ordered in a new serving system or replace a current well configuration in your existing serving system. You can also order the Duke HotColdFreeze™ with the new no drain, dry heat only option which comes with removeable non-stick liners. 


  • Top Mount with flush mount pans
  • Stainless Steel – formed, welded, and polished to high finish
  • Sealing gasket
  • Drains at each well


  • Standard 12” x 20” steam table pans
  • 2-1/2”, 4” and 6” deep


  • Intuitive, easy to use touch screen control changes mode of operation
  • 3 wet heat, 3 dry heat, 3 refrigerated and 1 freeze mode.
  • 1 control per food well
  • Controls have a built-in Wifi modem and redundant
  • controls capabilities for future activation.
  • Six foot cord supplied between control and touchscreen
  • Complies with part 15 of the FCC rules


  • 5 Year compressor replacement
  • R448a Refrigerant
  • Compressor slides out 15.375” for easy service.


  • Unit can be serviced in counter, no need to remove.
  • Six foot Cord and plug supplied

No drain, dry heat only with removable non-stick liner

1, 2, 3 or 4 Wells

Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated Conversion Times (Minutes) Ambient to Hot Dry 10-15 Ambient to Hot Wet 45-60 Ambient to Cold 30-40 Ambient to Freeze 45-60 Hot to Cold 40-60 Hot to Freeze 60-80. NOTE: If water is in the unit, it should be drained prior to switching the set point. Pans should be removed to help decrease the length of time it takes for a well to reach the new set point.

Yes, the Duke HotColdFreeze™ provides versatility and flexibility for your operation by allowing you to operate any well in hot, cold, or freeze modes. Mix and match modes in any combination for ultimate menu flexibility. Example:

• Hot, Hot, Cold • Cold, Freeze, Hot • Hot, Cold, Cold • Hot,Cold, Freeze
• Freeze, Hot, Hot • All Hot • All Cold • All Freeze

The combinations are endless.

No, the Duke HCF does not have an autofill connection on its own. However, a fill faucet can be added to the counter next to one side of the unit.

Yes. A “no drain, dry heat only option” is available for all DukeHotColdFreeze models. The “no drain, dry heat only option” allows for the use of DukeHotColdFreeze Drop-Ins in water conservation municipalities, where no floor drains and water connections are available and as an option in mobile carts and counters. The no drain, dry heat only option lowers installation costs and simplifies service due to lack of drain manifolds and water connections. This option comes with a removeable non-stick liner.

Revit models available in KCL and AutoQuotes. 2D CAD drawings also being added.


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