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Innovative, Custom Design Solutions

CounterCraft was created to address a need expressed by the foodservice industry for innovative, high-end serving counters.

CounterCraft™ is always coming up with various ways to create new inventions that are efficient to the serving industry. Recent examples of innovation include our HotFrost™ Plate, HotFrost™ Glass Overshelf, HotFrost™ Dual Tier Merchandiser, and HotFrost™ Stone. We currently hold 5 patents.

All styles incorporate modular design features: mobile, interchangeable, interlocking, and interconnecting utilities.

CounterCraft’s Modular Custom signature curved design allows for serving line configurations not possible with current modular counter offerings. No more cookie-cutter counters – CounterCraft builds to suit.

Any of the Modular Custom™ models can be ordered with our standard catalog options. In addition, any model can be customized to meet your customers’ design intent – change anything from shape to materials used.

We welcome design challenges and specialize in combining required function and design intent into one total package.

CounterCraft counters are completely custom and can accept a variety of merchandising appliances from a variety of manufacturers.

Dual temperature, dual tier countertop merchandiser accommodates 18” x 26” sheet pans. There is no more need to transfer food from sheet pans to shelves as with other designs. HotFrost™ tiers can be configured in any combination of hot/hot, frost/frost, or hot/frost. Also available is the dual mode option where individual tiers can be converted from frost to heat with the flip of a switch.

The HotFrost™ merchandisers are available as part of CounterCraft’s Modular Custom series and Custom Counter series or can be ordered separately for customer’s existing counters.

CounterCraft has a line of breath guards that will serve as the perfect complement to our Modular Custom and Custom Series counters.

The sleek designs of these breath guards are not only eye-catching but are a fully functional modern solution to meet your counter needs. They may also be retrofitted into your existing counters. Just as with our serving counters, our custom craftsmen can tailor the following models to suit any request.

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