"Just Cooked"

  • Patented Duke HeatSink Technology.
  • Advanced Electronic Controls.
  • Reduces Costs.

The most advanced holding in the industry.

Our Line Up.

Comes in many sizes and configurations

FWM 34
  • Improves serving efficiencies
  • Reduces costs
  • Shortens clean-up time
  • Lowers routine maintenance
  • Heats products quickly
  • Eliminates product hot and cold spots


Heat is transferred directly to the pan and then to the food.  Conduction uses physical contact to transfer heat.

passive venting  Passive Venting

Provides a non-mechanically controlled form of adjusting heat profiles int he space.  It allows hot, stale, moist air to escape without influence.

The key to the incomparable performance of Duke’s Product Holding Units is our exclusive HeatSink technology. Duke’s “HeatSink” is made of extruded aluminum, shaped to fit the contour of each holding unit pan, as well as to hold the solid or vented cover in place over the pan.

The HeatSink stores a tremendous amount of energy, yet because it wraps around all three sides of the pan, the solid extruded aluminum surface allows the heat to be conducted uniformly across the surface of the pan and directly into the food. This gives the HeatSink the ability to eliminate hot and cold spots while supplying steady, gentle heat to the food in each pan. In turn, your food stays at its “just cooked” peak of flavor, temperature and texture for up to 66% longer than conventional holding methods.

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