The Benchmark

Has been set.

  • Food Quality
  • Consistency
  • Speed
  • Profitability

The most advanced holding in the industry.

Our Line Up.

  • Outperforms convention holding methods
  • Even heat distribution
  • Heats product quickly
  • Eliminates product hot and cold spots
  • Galvanized adjustable legs & feet
  • Increases product holding times by up to 66%

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  • Advanced Electronic Controls
  • Eliminates flavor transfer
  • Increased holding capacity
  • Pass through design
  • Reduces energy usage
  • Increases product yields

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  • Eliminates water from holding process
  • Heats food product from 3 sides
  • Lid system available to manage humidity
  • Extends hold times, reduces waste
  • Innovative timer bars
  • Intuitive web programming via USB drive

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  • Increased Hold Times
  • Improved Food Quality
  • Improved Consistency

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Holding Technologies

passive venting  Passive Venting Provides a non-mechanically controlled form of adjusting heat profiles in the space. It allows hot, stale, moist air to escape without influence.

convection  Convection Heat is transferred through the air to the food. A fan can be used to distribute heat around the food, removing the blanket of cool air that surrounds the food.

conductionConduction Heat is transferred directly to the pan and then to the food. Conduction uses physical contact to transfer heat.

active venting Active Venting Provides a mechanically controlled form of adjusting heat profiles in the space. It removes hot, stale, moist air using a fan.

humidity  Humidity Allows for precise humidity adjustments for moisture sensitive food. Humidity control lets you remove excess moisture from the food.

Holding Pan Types & Sizes



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