flexibility. dependability

  • Maintenance free
  • Durability
  • Versatility

There is a Southern Engineering by Duke Conveyor to meet every size, every style, every need and every budget.

There is a Southern Engineering by Duke Conveyor to meet every size, every style, every need and every budget.


  • Roller Style
  • Round Poly Belt
  • Fabric Belt
  • Slat Belt


  • Fabric Belt
  • Slat Belt


  • Fabric Belt
  • Slat Belt


  • Enclosed Solid Stainless Steel Basket
  • Wire Basket


Solutions that lead the industry meeting your needs, surpassing your expectation... it's all part of the way we do business.  With every turn of the belt, our conveyors offer you the kind of reliability and solid operation that you demand and expect.  With custom-designed solutions, and our unique 5-year warranty, we partner with our customers to bring the very best conveyors the industry has to offer...conveyors that offer our top 10 reason to buy

  • Flexibility

    Conveyors are designed to work effectively in limited space and make sharp turns around fixed architectural barriers.
  • Maintenance Free

    Sealed bearings require no grease stations, which eliminated the need for routine preventive maintenance.
  • Durability

    Heavy duty wear strips run the entire length of Southern Engineering's conveyors, including the turns. These wear strips eliminate any load bearing pressure from the belt that would cause the stainless steel bed to wear and/or become damaged.
  • Dependability

    Trouble free operation is the norm. When maintenance is needed, parts and a knowledgeable service staff are readily available as they have been for more than 75 years.
  • Versatility

    Whether it is a simple skate wheel tray make-up conveyor, or a highly customized rotary accumulator conveyor, Southern Engineering has the expertise to meet your requirements.
  • Safety

    Every Southern Engineering powered conveyor comes standard with a silver saver switch. This switch stops the conveyor belt in the event an object jams the belt at the drive end of the conveyor.
  • Cleanability

    Automatic beltwasher with detergent injection is standard on all soiled tray belt conveyors. Large slide out drawer type scrap basket easily accessible for easy clean up
  • Cost Efficiency

    Adjustable timed detergent injection results in large detergent cost savings for the end user.
  • Longevity

    Ramp acceleration start reduces load and stress on conveyor, greatly extending conveyor life.
  • Adjustable

    Drain pans are adjustable in the field with tools. This allows for correction with unexpected floor problems, and increases sanitation.


THE SOUTHERN ENGINEERING BY DUKE DIFFERENCE With 75 years of experience behind us.  Southern Engineering by Duke has developed quite a reputation for providing superior solutions that merge our customer's needs with our conveyor system technology and expertise. From stainless steel construction and maintenance free operation to unbreakable composite belt links, our reputation goes into every conveyor... top or bottom, seal to seam.

Drive System

Belt Wear Strips

Automatic Beltwasher with Detergent Injection

Round Poly-Belt Conveyor

Conveyor Belts

Electrical Raceway and Load Center