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Fabrication Solutions.

The Duke Difference.  With 75 years of experience, Southern Engineering by Duke has developed a reputation for providing superior solutions that are tailored to each individual customer.


Our Ventilation Systems are available in Water-Wash, HVX Cartridge and Filer Hood packages, which all efficiently extract the maximum amount of draw from your kitchen. You therefore replace and heat or cool fewer cubic feet of air.

Water Wash Ventilation Hood

water wash



#SW Water Hood:

  • State of the art "auto-wash" technology, reduces operator maintenance with 95% grease extraction efficiency
  • Reduced air volumes produce maximum efficiency with minimal ventilation component and operational costs
  • Motorized air inlet damper prevents conditioned room air from escaping during kitchn down time
Filter Ventilation Hood

filter ventilation hood



#96 - Filter Hood:

  • Traditional, simple design of low-velocity baffle grease filters with 40 - 60% grease extraction efficiency
  • Economical, lowest cost model
  • Meets all national code requirements


Catridge Hood

cartridge ventilation hood



#HVX Catridge Hood:

  • Improved technology with high-velocity grease cartridges and a 95% grease extraction efficiency
  • Reduced air volumes produce maximum efficiency, with minimal

UDS (Utility Distribution Systems)

Duke’s Utility Distribution Systems (UDS) offers one source and one connection for all the utilities you use in your facility, including hot and cold water, gas lines, steam lines, condensate, electricity and ventilation drains. The ability to change or add equipment is made easier with the Duke UDS because there is no need to tear out walls, floors or ceilings; everything is controlled by one unit.